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Statistics for Researchers

Under an agreement between Statistics New Zealand and the NZ universities, an extensive range of statistical resources has been made available to AUT researchers at Statistics for Universities. Click the "Research Tools" tab above for more details.

Customised data tables

Statistics New Zealand can create customised data tables for a fee. AUT staff and postgraduate students undertaking advanced research may qualify for use of AUT's pre-paid allocation for customised data. For more information please contact Ann Chen (Ph: 09-9219999, ext 8675, email:

Using Statistics in Your Research

Key Statistics Sources

There are many places to look for statistical information. The following are key sources of statistical information commonly used by university students and researchers in business, organised into tabs for specific subject areas or purposes:

  • Databases - the Library subscribes to a number of statistical databases, including OECDiLibrary and MarketLine.
  • Articles - research reporting statistical information can be found in many Library databases. You can use Library Search to retrieve articles relevant to your research needs.
  • Government departments and agencies collect statistics and much of this information is made freely available online. Statistics New Zealand has gathered together many useful sources in a targeted business portal:

Data for Business from Statistics New Zealand

  • Websites of large global organisations such as the United Nations or the World Bank may carry freely available statistical data that can be of great interest for business research.
  • Websites of professional associations, such as Business New Zealand, for example usually provide some free survey data and reports.

Types of Statistics

When using statistical data in your research project, you may need to consider what type of statistics is needed, for example:  

  • Time series?
  • Recent statistical data?
  • Historical statistical data?