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Theses and Dissertations: Deposit PhD and Master's theses/dissertations

Finding theses and dissertations completed by AUT students, students from NZ universities and universities worldwide.

Doctoral and Master's thesis/dissertation/exegesis

In order to be eligible to graduate, Doctoral and Masters' students must deposit a digital copy of your thesis/dissertation/exegesis in Tuwhera Open Theses & Dissertations.

Before beginning your online deposit:

  • Read our online guide to find out the deposit process, document format/layout and other requirements.

If you have any queries you may email the Research Repository Administrator or phone (09) 921 9999 ext 6066.


Benefits of making your thesis online:

  • Your digital thesis/dissertation/exegesis will be viewable around the world by anyone who has Internet access.
  • Your thesis will have a permanent web address which could be included in your CV, job applications, future research proposals, etc.