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EndNote: Export from databases

Guide to using EndNote, software that helps organise your reference sources. Also allows you to create in text citations and a list of references as you type in Microsoft Word.

Index: EndNote instructions for databases

Export, download, transfer....

Many of the databases we can use via the AUT Library enable you to export (or download) chosen references from a search result into your EndNote library without re-typing the information. This can also be done from Google Scholar.

Detailed instructions for each database can be accessed using the index on the left of this page.

There are 3 methods, depending on the database being used:

Direct Export method 

  • the easiest method, now available in most databases
  • can be achieved in a few clicks for the relevant references selected from the results list

Import Filter method

  • a more complicated method required by some databases
  • selected references, saved as a text file, are imported into the EndNote library through an appropriate filter
  • EndNote is supplied with a folder of numerous filters for use with specific databases.and, where necessary, you may download some filters from the Filters tab in this guide or from

Connection File method

  • only recommended for the AUT Library catalogue and other library catalogues
  • connect to the catalogue from within your EndNote library and conduct a search using EndNote’s online search function rather than the search interface of the catalogue itself
  • download the search result into a temporary library and choose which ones you wish to copy into your permanent EndNote library

Important tips

1. When the references are exported to your EndNote library, check each one carefully for accuracy. There are often errors or omissions in the information transferred from the database.

2. Check and, if necessary, edit your incoming references while you still have the database (or catalogue) results list open in your Internet browser.

3. Journal article titles are often exported to EndNote with each word beginning with a capital/upper-case letter. This is incorrect for APA 6th style. Edit the title, using the Change Case button to change the title to Sentence Case, then edit so that the only words beginning with a capital letter are:

• first word of the title

• first word after a colon

• any proper nouns

4. If your EndNote library is already open when you begin the export/download process, the references will be exported to that library. Otherwise, the EndNote program opens and then, depending on the setting of your EndNote preferences, either your most recently used library will open or you will be prompted to choose a library to open. The references will be exported to the open library.

5. References exported to your EndNote library are in a temporary group called Imported References.