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AUT Scholarly Commons: Theses and Dissertations

Deposit your thesis/dissertation/exegesis in Scholarly Commons

All AUT doctoral or master's degree students are required to deposit a digital copy of your thesis/dissertation/exegesis in Scholarly Commons. 

  • You should deposit your thesis/dissertation/exegesis on Scholarly Commons once it has been examined and you have made any amendments required by the examiners.
  • Please read the Guide for depositing thesis/dissertation/exegesis/research project on Scholarly Commons in the next section of this page carefully before you begin the deposit process

If you have any question about the deposit of your thesis in Scholarly Commons, please contact:

  • Research Repository Administrator: Rudy Bin Mahli,  Phone: (09) 921 9999 ext 6066, or
  • Research Support Coordinator: Ann Chen,  Phone: (09) 921 9999 ext 8573

Guide for depositing thesis/dissertation/exegesis/research project in Scholarly Commons

This guide is for postgraduate students who will deposit their digital thesis / dissertation / exegesis / research project in Scholarly Commons.

Before you begin your online deposit, please read each section on this page carefully.


Special requirements for Master's research project

  • The AUT Library only collects exceptional Master's research projects of 60 points recommended by Faculties.
  • The recommendation must be made via the PGR18 form, signed by the student and the Faculty. This form should be submitted with your research project document to Scholarly Commons
  • Only the digital version of your research project report is accepted.

The requirements for the formatting and presentation of theses and dissertations are available in the AUT Postgraduate Handbook page 104-107 and page 100 (font size).

Cover page: 

  • Title: use title case (the first letter of each word is capitalised, except for prepositions, articles and coordinating conjunctions)
  • Student's full name
  • Abbreviated degree (see “Appendix A: Qualification Listing” of the Postgraduate Handbook).
  • Year of lodgement for examination

Title page:

The title page of the thesis/dissertation/exegesis must contain the following elements:

  • Full title of the thesis/dissertation using title case
  • Student’s full name.
  • Qualification
  • Year of lodgement for examination (this should be the date the research was submitted for examination).
  • School, Division or Department


     Cover page:                                                                                                                   Title page:



Spine (hardbound copy):

  • Student's initial(s) and surname
  • Abbreviated degree
  • Year of lodgement for examination


  • Before beginning the deposit process, create an abstract that best describes the content of your research. A well-written abstract will help people discover your thesis easily on the Internet.


  • You will be asked to enter four or more keywords/phrases during the deposit process. It is a good idea to think about the most appropriate keywords or phrases before you begin the deposit process. If applicable, you should include your research methodology as one of the keywords.

File name

  • Save your file name as: Surname and the initial of your first name. Example: for an author named Jane Doe, the thesis file should be saved as DoeJ.pdf

File formats

  • The complete text of your thesis should be in PDF format.
  • Do not set any security on your PDF file(s) as this will be done by the Administrator before your work is made available on AUT Scholarly Commons.
  • If your work includes images, sound or movie files (i.e. created by you) that are separate from the text of your exegesis, you are encouraged to deposit these as supplementary files. We will accept files in any format and endeavour to make them available online. Filenames should indicate the content.

Third party copyright material is material in any format to which another person or entity holds the rights. If you include any substantial portion of third party copyright material in your thesis/dissertation/exegesis/research project report, for example an artwork or photograph, you should obtain permission from the copyright holder. The Copyright Guidelines for Research Students provides more details on how to use copyright materials. A sample permission request letter is also included in the Appendix 1 of this document. 


If your work contains confidential or sensitive information, you may apply to have an embargo (a period of restricted access) for your thesis/dissertation/exegesis prior to or at the time of lodgment for examination by using form PGR16- Application for restricted access to a thesis/dissertation/exegesis. This requires the approval of the Associate Dean of your faculty.

  • If your thesis is embargoed, you must select Yes to the embargo question and provide the expiry date of the embargo during the deposit process:


  • You must still deposit the digital copy of your thesis/dissertation/exegesis on Scholarly CommonsThe Scholarly Commons Administrator will ensure that your work is not released to the digital repository until the restriction has expired.
  • The PGR16 form should be included in your thesis file uploading.
  • If you complete a thesis with an exegesis for your degree, your thesis is embargoed, but not the exegesis, you should upload the exegesis as a supplementary file. This full-text exegesis will be made available online.
  • A brief record of your thesis (without full-text thesis) will display in Scholarly Commons. Your embargoed full-text thesis will be released to Scholarly Commons on the release date stated on the PGR16 form.

Deposit requirements

  • The AUT Library only collects exceptional Bachelor with Honours dissertations recommended by Faculties.
  • The recommendation must be made via the PGR17 form, signed by the student and the Faculty.
  • Only the digital version of your dissertation is accepted.

 Deposit your dissertation online

  • Prepare your document file(s) in the correct format (PDF is preferred).
  • Completed and signed PGR17 form should be included in the PDF of the dissertation/exegesis.
  • If your work includes images, sound or movie files which are separate from the text of your exegesis, deposit these items as supplementary files.
  • Deposit your dissertation on Scholarly Commons

Your digital dissertation will be made available on the Library website (AUT password access only).