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EndNote: APA 6th Style

Guide to using EndNote, software that helps organise your reference sources. Also allows you to create in text citations and a list of references as you type in Microsoft Word.

What is APA 6th - AUT X7 and do I need it?

APA 6th

The American Psychological Association (APA) published the 6th edition of their style manual in late 2009. The AUT Library and Student Learning Centre support the APA 6th referencing style. 

AUT Library guide to APA 6th

The APA 6th style available for download on the official EndNote website has a number of deficiencies. AUT Library staff have modified it to produce references that comply with the APA 6th edition rules as closely as possible.

The APA 6th - AUT X7 style for EndNote:

  • is available on computers on AUT campuses
  • can be added to your personal computer or laptop (see the box to the right)
  • Note: you do NOT need to reinstall the software in order to add APA 6th - AUT X7 style to EndNote on your computer

Can I use another style in EndNote?

Which referencing style?

Most schools and departments at AUT use the APA referencing style but there may be times when another style is required.

We advise students to carefully check the coursework referencing requirements for their programme.

Thesis/dissertation students
should consult their supervisor about an appropriate referencing style.

submitting papers for publication may need to use another reference style to meet the requirements of the publisher.

Non-APA style
If you need to use a non-APA style, it is likely that EndNote can handle this for you. However, you should check the reference list resulting from using EndNote to ensure the entries comply with the rules of your chosen style. The AUT Library collection includes a few guides to other styles but these are not necessarily the most up-to-date version so an online guide would usually be preferable.

For assistance with locating a suitable online guide to other referencing styles, consult the Liaison Librarian for your subject.

Adding the APA 6th - AUT X7 style to your computer

We have updated our APA 6th style to improve the way it works with EndNote X7.

It is now called APA 6th - AUT X7 and should be included in the EndNote X7 program installed on AUT computers and when you download it from AUTonline or the IT Knowledge Base.

How to check that this style is included

  1. Open an EndNote library. 
  2. Look for the currently active reference style shown at the top of the screen:  
  3. If this is not showing as APA 6th - AUT X7, click the drop-down arrow to change it. 
  4. If APA 6th - AUT X7 appears on the drop-down list, click it. Otherwise, click Select Another Style
  5. In the next window, scroll down to find APA 6th - AUT X7 and highlight it. Click Choose. 
  6. If APA 6th - AUT X7 does not appear on this list you need to install it – see below.

How to install this style if it is missing

 For Windows users:

  1. Right click on the APA 6th - AUT X7.ens style file below
  2. Choose Save Link As ...
  3. Navigate to the correct folder in which to save the style:
              Option 1: Save it to
    C: \Program Files\EndNote X7\Styles
    If you do not have administrative rights on the computer you may not be able to do this. Try Option 2 instead. 
              Option 2: Save the style to your personal folders on the computer. For users of Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10 this is
    C:\Users\[Your user name]\Documents\EndNote
    You will need to create a folder called 'Styles' in this location (if it doesn't already exist).
  4. Click Save and the style will be added.
  5. If you have used Option 2, go to EndNote and click on Edit > Preferences > Folder Locations > Style Folder > Select Folder and select the folder you have just created.

For Mac users:

  1. Right click on the APA 6th - AUT X7.ens style file below
  2. Choose Save Link As ...
  3. Where: Choose Applications
  4. Save as: All Files
  5. Save
  6. Go into your Applications folder
  7. Identify your Styles folder  - it is in the EndNote X7 folder in Applications
  8. Find the APA 6th - AUT X7.ens style and drag it into your Styles folder