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EndNote: APA 6th Style

Guide to using EndNote, software that helps organise your reference sources. Also allows you to create in text citations and a list of references as you type in Microsoft Word.

FAQ Contents

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 APA 6th Style

• Does EndNote do it all?
• What is APA 6th - AUT X7?
• Wrong style in reference list
• Preview in EndNote looks wrong
• URL for an e-journal article
• APA 6th help

 Attaching Files

• Exporting articles - automatic?
• Attach a PDF
• Other files
• Open a file
• Import a PDF
• DATA folder
• Find Full Text

 Author Names

• Common mistakes
• Corporate author
• Author initials or first names
• Multi-part names
• Omit author from in text citation 
• Corporate author abbreviation

 Chicago/Turabian Style

• What is it?
• Is Chicago/Turabian different from Chicago?
• 'Notes and Bibliography' version
• Get it right in Word
• 'Author Date' version
• Help with footnotes

 EndNote Tools in Word

• EndNote tab/toolbar disappeared
• EndNote Web tab displaying instead of EndNote X6 tab
• EndNote tab/toolbar not installed
• What is CWYW?

 Exporting from Databases

• How to do it
• Errors in exported references
• Does the article come too?
• Mac problem
• Import filters

 Formatting Word Documents

• Wrong style in reference list
• Plain text version
• Thesis chapters
• Computer code showing
• Standalone reference list

 In Text Citations

• Curly brackets
• Delete a citation
• Add page number(s)
• In text citations shifted
• Omit author from in text citation
• Author initials or first names
• Cite a secondary source
• Select Matching Reference error

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I don't need to know anything about APA 6th because EndNote does it all for me - right?

Wrong, wrong, wrong!

Although EndNote makes referencing much quicker and easier, it does not free you from the need to know anything about the referencing style you are using. You will need to know the basics of the style in order to be able to enter data into EndNote accurately so that the reference list will be output correctly.

For APA 6th, pay particular attention to these points:


  • Journal title: use headline style capitalisation. This means: capitalise the first letter of the first word and of each significant word (not prepositions, conjunctions and articles), for example:
            Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management
  • Book title or Article title (in a journal, magazine or newspaper): use sentence style capitalisation. This means: capitalise the first word of the title, and subtitle (after the colon), and any proper names, for example:
            Asian crossings: Travel writing on China, Japan and Southeast Asia

Place of publication

  • USA publishers: give the city in full and the abbreviation for the state, for example:
            New York, NY
            Springfield, MA
  • Publishers outside the USA: give the city in full and the country in full, for example:
            London, England
            Auckland, New Zealand

For some tips about checking and correcting the references you export from databases into your EndNote library, consult Section 6.2 on pages 7-9 of our Using EndNote X6 guides:

Windows version
Mac version

Is APA 6th - AUT X7 the 'real' APA 6th style?

APA 6th is a very complex referencing style and unfortunately EndNote does not handle it perfectly. The APA 6th style that is provided with the EndNote software has a number of deficiencies. APA 6th - AUT X7 style for EndNote is a modification created by AUT Library staff to produce references that comply with the APA 6th edition rules as closely as possible. This style is included with EndNote X7 on computers on AUT campuses or when the programme is downloaded from the AUT website to your personal computer or laptop.

However, if for some reason you do not have this style installed, then you may download it from the APA 6th Style tab in this guide.

Note: we do not recommend adding this style to earlier versions of EndNote.

The preview of a reference in my EndNote library isn't in APA 6th style. What's gone wrong?

The preview shows you how the reference will appear in the bibliographic output style that is currently selected in EndNote. This style is shown in a box at the top of the EndNote library. If is not APA 6th - AUT X7, click the down arrow to change it. If APA 6th - AUT X7 does not show on the drop-down list, click Select Another Style to bring up the list of all the styles and then choose the one you want.

In the Open Access labs at AUT, the style defaults to Annotated so you need to make this change each time you log in.

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My journal article has no DOI so I have to use a URL instead. Why can't I get it to show in the reference?

Not all journal articles have been assigned a DOI by their publishers. When there is no DOI assigned, the APA 6th style requires an online journal article reference to include the journal home page URL as part of the retrieval statement, for example:
                              Retrieved from
This URL will not appear if the reference type is set incorrectly.

You have probably entered the article in your EndNote library with the reference type Journal Article. Change this to Electronic Article and the reference should appear correctly. For tips about entering articles correctly in your EndNote library, with examples, click here.

For a print journal article that does have a DOI:

  • make sure this is included in your EndNote record
  • use Journal Article as the reference type

For an online journal article that does have a DOI:

  • make sure this is included in your EndNote record
  • use either Journal Article or Electronic Article as the reference type
  • but, if using Electronic Article, make sure the URL field is empty

For an online journal article without a DOI:

  • include the journal home page URL
  • use Electronic Article as the reference type

More help

  • For more hints about getting the right results for specific kinds of references, use the Use APA 6th Correctly tab in this guide
  • Visit the AUT Library APA 6th guide to learn more about DOIs and URLs in referencing

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Help, I don't understand APA 6th! Where can I find out about it?

AUT Library has an excellent online guide to APA 6th here. There are numerous examples to help you understand the rules.

You should also check the Use APA 6th Correctly tab in this EndNote guide - it will show you how to achieve the correct results for particular kinds of references (e.g. books, chapters, articles, videos, theses, etc) using EndNote.

For tuition and advice on APA 6th referencing, AUT students can contact Student Learning Centre.

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