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EndNote: Author Names

Guide to using EndNote, software that helps organise your reference sources. Also allows you to create in text citations and a list of references as you type in Microsoft Word.

FAQ Contents

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 APA 6th Style

• Does EndNote do it all?
• What is APA 6th - AUT X7?
• Wrong style in reference list
• Preview in EndNote looks wrong
• URL for an e-journal article
• APA 6th help

 Attaching Files

• Exporting articles - automatic?
• Attach a PDF
• Other files
• Open a file
• Import a PDF
• DATA folder
• Find Full Text

 Author Names

• Common mistakes
• Corporate author
• Author initials or first names
• Multi-part names
• Omit author from in text citation 
• Corporate author abbreviation

 Chicago/Turabian Style

• What is it?
• Is Chicago/Turabian different from Chicago?
• 'Notes and Bibliography' version
• Get it right in Word
• 'Author Date' version
• Help with footnotes

 EndNote Tools in Word

• EndNote tab/toolbar disappeared
• EndNote Web tab displaying instead of EndNote X6 tab
• EndNote tab/toolbar not installed
• What is CWYW?

 Exporting from Databases

• How to do it
• Errors in exported references
• Does the article come too?
• Mac problem
• Import filters

 Formatting Word Documents

• Wrong style in reference list
• Plain text version
• Thesis chapters
• Computer code showing
• Standalone reference list

 In Text Citations

• Curly brackets
• Delete a citation
• Add page number(s)
• In text citations shifted
• Omit author from in text citation
• Author initials or first names
• Cite a secondary source
• Select Matching Reference error

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How can I avoid the most common mistakes for EndNote beginners?


  • Funny gaps between author names
  • No 'and' between authors

In your EndNote record:

  1. Type each author on a separate line
  2. Press <Enter> to get to a new line for the next author's name
  3. Make sure there are no hidden spaces at the end of the names

How do I get the name of an organisation or corporate body to display correctly as an author?


Corporate author displaying as an individual author, for example:

                 Education, M. o. 

In your EndNote record, add a comma at the end of the corporate author:

                 Ministry of Education,

Note: when the corporate author name contains one or more internal commas, replace the first of those commas with two commas, and omit the comma at the end:
                 School of Communication Studies,, AUT University

How do I get rid of the author initials (or first/given names) that are appearing in my in text citations?

This is a consequence of the APA rule about authors with the same surname.


When the authors are different people

If a reference list includes publications by two or more different primary authors with the same surname, include the first author's initials (from each of the citations) in all in-text citations, even if the year of publication differs. For example:
                Among studies, we review M. A. Light and Smith (2008)  and I. Light (2006)....

(See Section 6.14 in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th edition)

When it is the same author
If you have several references by the same author, you might have them entered into your EndNote library with slight differences. If so, EndNote treats them as if they are actually different people and adds initials (or even given names) to the in text citations.

For example, if you have entered T. G. Robertson and  Teresa G. Robertson in your EndNote Library, EndNote will interpret these as different individuals and the in text citations will appear incorrectly:

Early research indicated that there was a causal relationship (T. G. Robertson, 2004). However, further work (Teresa G. Robertson, 2010) demonstrated that these factors were not related.

Wherever you have more than one reference by the same author, copy and paste the author name from the first reference in EndNote into each subsequent reference to ensure they are identical. Avoids human error!

Also make sure there is not an extra space at the end of an entry in the author field or you may trigger the "authors with same surname" rule.

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How do I enter multi-part author family names so they display correctly?


Author names with several parts to them, such as hyphens, de, van, etc


Enter each author name in EndNote in the inverted format, i.e. family name followed by comma then initial(s), for example:

R. Van Berk and W. de Graaf. should be entered as:

         Van Berk, R.
         de Graaf, W.

Note: if the family name is hyphenated, the author's name can be entered in either format, for example:

         Fairbairn-Dunlop, P
         P. Fairbairn-Dunlop

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I have included the author's name in the sentence. How do I take it out of the in text citation?

I do not want the author's name to be repeated in the in text citation as it is already used in the sentence

In the Word document:

  1. Insert the in text citation as usual
  2. Click to highlight the appropriate in text citation:
              Walker (Walker, 2000) compared reaction times.....
  3. Click the Edit and Manage Citation(s) command. A dialog box will open
  4. Click the Edit Citation tab and tick the box next to Exclude Author
  5. Click OK

The text will now appear as:

 Walker (2000) compared reaction times....

Note: this does not alter the appearance of the reference list or any other occurrences of this in text citation elsewhere in the document.

Do the same to omit the year from an in text citation.

For more details, consult our Endnote user guides.

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How can I correctly use an abbreviation for a corporate author in an in text citation?

Some corporate authors are well-known by an abbreviation. For example IRD is a well-known abbreviation for Inland Revenue Department. APA 6th allows the use of the abbreviated form in each in text citation after the first one. The first in text citation should have the full corporate name followed by the abbreviation in square brackets and the date. Subsequent citations should be just the abbreviation and the date:

First citation:            
….as research indicates (Inland Revenue Department [IRD], 2007).

Subsequent citations:
.…suggested by recent statistics (IRD, 2010).

In the EndNote library, always enter the full corporate author name in the author field. Remember to add a comma at the end of the name (see this FAQ).

In your Word document, for the first in text citation of this corporate author:

  1. Highlight the citation and click Edit and Manage Citation(s)
  2. On the dialog box, tick Exclude author
  3. In the Prefix box, enter the full author name plus the bracketed abbreviation, followed by a comma and a space, for example:
    Inland Revenue Department [IRD],
  4. Click OK

For subsequent in text citations:

  1. Highlight the citation and click Edit and Manage Citation(s)
  2. On the dialog box, tick Exclude author
  3. In the Prefix box, enter the author name abbreviation followed by a comma and a space, for example: IRD,
  4. Click OK

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