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Research Impact

Welcome to the research impact guide

This guide introduces some common tools for measuring research impact base on research publications.

In recent years, governments, research institutions and funding agencies have started to look at the societal and economic impact of research activities. You may like to read the following articles discussed the various ways to measure research impact:

If you need assistance on finding your research impact, please contact your Liaison Librarian, or Research Support Coordinator. We can help you with:

  • Finding journal rankings and impact factors
  • Finding citations of your outputs and h-index
  • Creating RSS feeds and alerts to keep up-to-date
  • Identifying bibliographic details for your output
  • Locating journal publisher details
  • Using researcher IDs and social networking tools to promote your research

InCites - a research evaluation tool for research institutions


InCites is a customized, web-based research evaluation tool that allows you to analyse institutional productivity and benchmark your output against peers worldwide. With customized citation data, global metrics, and multidimensional profiles on the leading research institutions, InCites gives comprehensive insight into your institution's performance. And, with robust visualization and reporting tools, you can create and share reports quickly and easily.

Note: users will need to log in using their existing Web of Science account. New users need to register for InCites account, using an AUT email address.