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Researcher IDs and Profiles


is a social networking site for scientists and researchers to:

  • Share papers
  • Ask and answer questions
  • Find collaborators (indexes self-published information on user profiles to find those with similar interests)
  • Follow research interests
  • Follow individual authors
  • Write short reviews on articles
  • Use private chat rooms for sharing data, documents or to discuss confidential topics

Note: ResearchGate may show a higher citation rate than Scopus or Web of Science.  Authors are able to submit their own documents which may not have been published in an academic journal.

Join ResearchGate

Create a ResearchGate account or sign up using your LinkedIn or Facebook account.

Find AUT researchers in ResearchGate.

Set up your profile

Getting started

  • Signing up for ResearchGate
  • Following research
  • Following researchers
  • Recommending and sharing content
  • Contacting other researchers
  • Inviting colleagues to ResearchGate

Managing your profile

  • Profile information and visibility
  • How to use SEO to improve the visibility of your research
  • Your institution and department
  • Skills and expertise
  • Authorship
  • Profile photos
  • Duplicate profiles
  • Deceased researchers
  • Updates, Requests and Message

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Follow and collaborate with researchers

Discover research

Search ResearchGate for the latest publications, data, and projects on your research interests and from your network.

Explore Q&A

Q&A (click on Questions at the top of any page) is where you can ask research-related questions and get them answered by specialists. If you haven’t got a question right now, try answering some – it’s a great way to start sharing your knowledge, connect with others, and identify yourself as an expert in your field. 

Find more about how to use Q&A on the Help Center page.

Follow other researchers

Search and follow other researchers and you will be emailed when they add new publications.    

ResearchGate Help Centre

Help Centre

For help with:

Getting started, profile, account settings, research & publications, projects, labs, Q&A, stats, scores, iOS App, community and copyright.