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Education: Find Articles

This guide will provide you with starting points for finding information on Education

Find Journal Articles

What is a journal?


Journals usually contain articles with original research and are intended for an academic audience.

Typically, journals are published several times a year; e.g. in monthly or quarterly issues.  One year's worth of issues is called a volume.

What is an article?


A non-fiction piece of writing usually published in a journal, newspaper or magazine.

Journal article citation 


A citation for an article in a journal using the APA 6th reference style looks like this:

                   Author.                               Date.         Article title.


Connelly, C. E., & Gallagher, D. G. (2004). Emerging trends in
   contingent work research. Journal of Management, 30(6), 25-27.

                                                   Journal title,             Volume(Issue),   Pages.


Already know the title of the journal that you need?

  • Locate print and electronic journals by using Library Search
  • Most of our journals are electronic and can be linked to from the Library Search
  • Print journals are shelved on level 2 of the North Campus Library and have S in front of the call number, e.g. S 370.15 EDU

Searching on a topic?

Finding full text

Do you have the:

title of the article and journal, or the DOI?

abstract of an article in a database but not the full text?

  • Click on the database's button to link through to any available full text. 

Types of Journal articles

There are lots of different types of articles. At university you'll often need to read peer reviewed or scholarly articles when doing research for your assignments.

AUT Library subscribes to Ulrichsweb, a database with very detailed information about journals and magazines, including whether they are peer reviewed.

The difference between articles from a scholarly journaltrade/professional magazinepopular magazine and newspaper article is explained in this short video.

(NB you will need to have credit on your AUT internet account to view this while at AUT)