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Midwifery: Books

A guide to using your Library's resources for Midwifery coursework and research.

Searching the Catalogue


When you know the exact title of a book:

  • Do a "Title begins with ..." search in Library Search to find the call number
  • Books are shelved in call number order

If you are looking generally for books on a topic:

  • Try a "Keyword" search in Library Search
  • Or use these Library subject headings to find related books:

Browsing the Shelves

Many books on Midwifery are shelved on level 2 of the North Shore Library in the 618 call number. 


You may find hundreds of books on the shelves at these call numbers. If you have a more specific topic, search the Library Search before going to the shelves.

Look on the shelves at these call numbers too:

New books