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Information for people with impairments: Home

This guide provides information on Library services.

Welcome to AUT Library

AUT University Library is committed to equity of access and opportunity for students, staff and visitors.

The Library supports the principles as laid out in the AUT Library Disability Protocol and the “Kia Orite - Achieving Equity New Zealand Code of Practice” to enable students with impairments to achieve to their full potential.

Library Services

AUT Library is committed to making sure persons with impairments have access to all our resources.  Library staff can help you to:

  • Search for information
  • Check the catalogue for holdings and call numbers
  • Retrieve items from shelves
  • Borrow or photocopy items
  • Complete document delivery forms
  • Get information in different formats
  • Become familiar with the Library (by appointment with the Library Disability Liaison Officer)


Document Delivery and Digitisation Services

The Library can:

  • Courier books to your home and provide a return courier bag for you
  • Post or email you copies of book chapters or journal articles, these copies are digitised with the OCR Text Recognition software for your convenience
  • Make enlarged copies of a book chapter or a journal article

To use the above services you need an AUT student ID card and to contact the Document Supply Team.

Adaptive Technology

There is an Adaptive Technology Room at the City Campus Library.  However this room is managed by the Disability Resource Service. The equipment includes computers with specialised software:


  • Screen reading software (Connect Outloud)
  • A scanner and scanning software (OpenBook)
  • Enlargement software with speech output (ZoomText)
  • A CCTV linked to a computer monitor (SmartView)
  • Speech-recognition software (Dragon NaturallySpeaking)
  • Literacy support software (TextHelp, Read and Write)


Other equipment from the Disability Resource Centre for use in classes includes:

  • FM transmitter and receiver systems
  • Digital recorders
  • SmartPens
  • Magnifiers
  • Electronic dictionaries

Contact the Disability Resource Service  to access these rooms, other equipment and for general assistance

Library Disability Liaison Officer

Building Access

All AUT Library sites provide wheelchair access and internal lifts or ramps. 

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