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Journal ranking lists

Find journal ranking list in Scopus, SCIMago and Google Scholar.


Journal ranking by subject

  • Click Sources on the top tool bar
  • Click Enter subject area
  • Select a subject or sub-subject from the dropdown list and click Apply

  • The default ranking is by CiteScore, you can sort the ranking by other metrics, e.g. SNIP or SJR  

Compare journals

You may use the Compare Sources tool to compare up to 10 journals at a time. This is useful for selecting journals for publishing. Watch a short video Comparing sources in Scopus or find more details in Scopus How do I compare sources guide.



SCIMago is a free portal for finding journal and country rankings developed from the information contained in the Scopus database.

  • Click Journal Rankings from the top toolbar of the website
  • Select a subject form All subject areas and select a category from All subject categories


Google Scholar

Browse the following top publications:

  • Top 100 publications.
  • Click Categories to find top 20 publications for a subject category. Each subject also contains a number of subcategories.

ERA 2018 journal list

Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) is the Australia's national research evaluation framework administered by the Australian Research Council (ARC) since 2010.

ARC used a ranked journal list for the ERA 2010 and ERA 2012 evaluations. Both EAR 2010 and 2012 journal ranking lists are no longer relevant.  

In the latest ERA 2018, a list of more than 25,000 journals was used for measuring research performance. However, the ERA 2018 journal list did not include a journal ranking system.