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Course Resources @ AUT

A guide to Course Resources for students and lecturers.

Creating your list

Before you start a list from scratch, check to see if you can reuse a list by searching your course code on the Course Resources homepage.

If a list exists and:

  • Is an outdated list, get in touch with the Course Resource Specialist for a full rollover (with scans).
    Alternatively, if you do not need the scans, you can copy the list to the current semester/ time period by yourself.
    1. Go into the list. Under the Edit menu (top right), click Copy list.
    2. Remove Copy of from the List name, and change the Semester to match the current semester.
    3. Then, Create list. Follow the instructions below to add yourself as the lecturer.

  • Is a current list, you can assign yourself as the lecturer.
  1. Click into the list. Under the Edit menu (top right), click Assign list owner.
  2. In the pop up click the box and type your name, or click Assign to me.
  3. Then, click Save with list publisher role.

If no lists exist:

  1. Select My Lists from the navigation bar.
  2. Click the Create new list button on the top right of the screen. Fill in:
  • List name: Use the format Course Code - Course Name, e.g., TALC123 - Teaching & Learning with Course Resources.
  • Description: Optional.
  • Hierarchy: Click the Select Hierarchy button. Type out your course code and click to select it, then fill out the approximate Student no. and click Save.
  • Semester: Click the dropdown to select a time period for your course.

The latter two are particularly important as they link your Course Resources list to Blackboard. The student number information also helps the Library to purchase resources to meet demand.
  1. Click Create List.

These details can be changed at any time under the Edit menu and Edit list details.

You have now created a list! Learn how to structure your list, or start adding resources next.

Structuring your list

Sorting the list into weeks or topics/modules allows student to jump right to the most relevant resources you have set for each class.

We will show you how using the section function.

If you have just started a new list, you can add a section by clicking the section link, as shown in the image below.

The following pop up will appear.

Fill in a Title, for example:

  •  Week 1
  • Introduction

Optionally add a Description.

Then click Save.

To add additional sections, hover your cursor down the centre of the list, and click the blue ADD SECTION link.