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Course Resources @ AUT

A guide to Course Resources for students and lecturers.

Requesting scans (digitsations)

If you happen to come across a print only resource, you may want to scan a portion of it for your students.
For information about the limits of how much we can copy, see this section on Copyright.

To request a scan:

  1. Go to your list (via the Course Resources tab in Blackboard, or My Lists area in Course Resources).
  2. Find the item to be scanned, click the menu button, , on the right, and select Request digitisation.
  3. In the form that appears, check the Resource type. Then:
  • if it is a whole chapter: Fill in the Chapter or section name.
  • if it is a selection of pages: Untick This is a full chapter and fill in the Page range

Click Next.

  1. Fill in a Needed by date, and click Next again.
  2. Check that your details are correct, and click Next once more to submit the request. 

We will scan and upload directly to your Course Resources list, and send you an email when it is ready.
This will create a VIEW ONLINE button next to the item (right). Please do check and let us know if there are any issues.

Editing your list

There are many things you can do to personalise your list.

To add extra items, you can hover down your list (the location is shown by the blue line) and select:

  • Add resource: To add a manual or previously bookmarked resource.
  • Add paragraph: To add a message for students.
  • Add section: To add a section to group readings in the list, or break up bigger sections.

To move any of your resources:

  • Use the slider icon, , to move resources up and down the list. 
  • Alternatively, use the menu button, , and the options in the second section (cut, paste, move).
    This also works for cutting and pasting entire sections.

To edit any of your resources:

  • Set an Importance using the dropdown under the list title.
  • The menu button, , gives other options, such as:
    • Edit (first section): Allows you to edit the metadata of the resource.
      You can also use this to rename a section.
    • Request digitisation (first section): Allows you to request scans from a physical resource.
    • Notes (third section): Allows you to leave notes for your students or the library.
    • Add to My Bookmarks (last section): If this was added by a colleague, you can add it to your own bookmarks to reuse later.
    • Share item (last section): Gives you a direct link to the individual resource.

Publishing your list

Happy with how your list has turned out? 

Whenever you make any changes, the following message and button will appear on the top of your list:

Remember to hit Publish to make all the changes to your list available for students!

This also prompts our Library team to review your list to ensure that we have copies of the required texts, complete any tasks listed under the Note for library field that you may have indicated, and check and update the metadata on your list.
We will leave comments for you in the follow up email, for anything of note.