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EndNote for PC

A comprehensive guide to the reference management software EndNote.

Edit a reference list

  • Endnote's CWYW function simultaneously adds in-text citations and associated full references in an alphabetical list at the end of the document 
  • As with in-text citations the CWYW field codes mean the list cannot be edited using Word

Change reference list layout

  • Open EndNote X9 tab, check output style is set correctly, e.g., APA 7th
  • Click the bottom corner arrow of the Bibliography group, then select Layout
  • Add a title, change the point size and line spacing etc
  • Click OK

You may like to watch this online tutorial: Formatting the bibliography.

Create a standalone list

You can create a list of references directly from your EndNote library rather than from in-text citations. 

  • Open your library, check the toolbar is showing your preferred reference style
  • Hold down the <Ctrl> key and select the references to include in your list (or Edit > Select All for the entire library), then Edit > Copy Formatted
  • Open a Word document, then Edit > Paste to produce the standalone reference list

Note: This list does not have embedded field codes and can be edited as usual in Word.