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EndNote for PC

A comprehensive guide to the reference management software EndNote.

Working with long documents

  • If you are working on a large document such as a thesis you may prefer to create separate Word documents for each section or chapter
  • Each document will have a uniquely ordered reference list that must be unformatted before it can be merged

Note: Citations in individual documents must all come from the same EndNote library for this process to work.

Unformat chapter citations

  • First make a backup of all documents you intend to merge
  • For each document, open the EndNote X9 tab, then click Convert Citations and Bibliography > Convert to Unformatted Citations
  • The reference list will disappear; in-text citations revert to temporary citations denoted by a hash number and curly brackets

Combine chapters and update citations

  • Paste the Word documents together in the correct order into a new document, and save
  • Check that page breaks are correct
  • Recreate the reference list in the merged document by clicking Update Citations and Bibliography
  • If a pop-up appears asking you to choose a style, select your preferred referencing style (for instance, APA 7th)

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