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EndNote for PC

A comprehensive guide to the reference management software EndNote.

Templates and fields

  • Sources such as websites or older hardcopy publications may not be available in a database
  • Adding these references to your Endnote library requires manually entering publication details in specific fields
  • This must be done carefully to avoid errors when references are incorporated into Word documents

Assume you want to add a reference for Uzzell and Barnett's chapter on ethnographic and action research, from the 2006 edition of Research Methods in Psychology.

Chapter title page

Book title page and copyright information

Create a new reference

  • Click the New Reference icon on the EndNote library toolbar 
  • Alternatively, you can select Reference > New Reference, or press <Ctrl+N>
  • The template for entering a Journal Article will appear. Click the drop-down arrow to select Book Section instead  

Enter details

  • ‚ÄčEnter all details required for an accurate reference
  • The completed template is shown below (except for the edition field which is further down)

  • Press <Ctrl+S> to save the reference
  • Press <Ctrl+W> to close the template  


  • Highlight your newly entered reference in All References, then select the Preview tab from the panel to the right of the All References list 
  • If there are errors, open the template from the Reference tab adjacent to Preview or by double-clicking the reference in All References
  • Make any changes, save and Preview to check

Tips for manual entry

  • If you can't find a particular field required for the reference type, check you are using the correct template. Some less common reference types require specific and unusual adjustments. Check APA 6th & EndNote if you are having trouble

  • For corporate or group authors, e.g., a report by Creative New Zealand, you must add a comma directly after the last letter of the name. Otherwise the software will assume it is the name of an individual and output it as Zealand, C.N.

Add a comma to a corporate author name

  • Spelling and capitalisation must be entered correctly. Check APA 6th Referencing Style guide (or a guide to the style you are using) if you are unsure

  • Authors' name - enter full names into the author's field. If you have a number of articles written by an author in your library, make sure all references should use exact same full name. e.g. Do not use N Smith in one record, and Nick Smith in another.

  • Every template has a large number of fields in addition to those required for referencing. You can use these to input a journal abstract or source language, for example. Other fields may be used to add information relating to your specific research interests that can be retrieved using the Search panel