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EndNote for PC

A comprehensive guide to the reference management software EndNote.

Process overview

Most of AUT Library's databases allow direct exporting of references. Although the location of export commands and labels varies by database, the overall process is largely the same

  • Open the EndNote library you want to add new references to 
  • Select the references you want to export from the database results list
  • Click the Export button
  • Confirm .RIS as the file type for the export file, or choose EndNote if there is no .RIS option
  • If the export file does not automatically open, click or double-click the file to open it (usually from the bottom left of the screen, in the downloads bar)
  • The newly exported references will have been added to the All References folder. For convenience they also appear in a temporary folder called Imported References

Whenever you export references from databases into your EndNote library, you should check each reference record carefully:

  • Correct any typos, e.g. spelling, or incorrect volume or issue number
  • Change the cases of letters to meet the standard of the APA style
  • Ensure full author's names are entered into the author's field (avoid initials)
  • Check DOI numbers in imported references. If is included in a DOI link, remove it:


You can also add references to Groups, or add information to fields such as Notes and keywords to enhance retrieval for specific processes or research interests.

Video tutorial

This video Export references from databases demonstrates exporting references from the Library Search, the Scopus database and Google Scholar.