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EndNote for PC

A comprehensive guide to the reference management software EndNote.

Modify a reference style

  • There may be occasions where it makes sense for you to modify an existing style such as APA to better suit your referencing needs
  • It is difficult to save a modified style in the EndNote styles folder, so you start by creating a personal styles folder

Step 1. Create a personal styles folder

  • Go to your computer home directory (e.g., H: drive on an AUT computer, or where you normally save documents on your personal computer)
  • Create a new folder called Personal EndNote styles
  • Navigate to: C:\Program Files(x86)\EndNote X9\Styles (or C:\Program Files\EndNote X9\Styles)
  • Find the style you want to modify, e.g., APA 7th, right click and select Copy


  • Paste the copied file into your Personal Styles folder 


  • Rename the file, e.g., APA 7th modified

Step 2. Modify a reference style

The common style editing is done in two areas: Citation templates and Bibliography templates.

The following example of adding a field for a translated title to the Book template is a useful guide:

  • Double click APA 7th modified to open it in the EndNote Output Style Manager
  • Click a section on the left column to edit this style, e.g., Bibliography > Templates


  • Make your modifications:
    • Book template in the AUT 7th style

      Author. (Year). Title| (|Translator, Trans.| Editor Ed.^Eds.| Edition ed.| Vol. Volume|)|. Place Published|: Publisher|.

    • With the addition of "Translated Title" as an alternative title

      Author. (Year). Title[Translated Title]| (|Translator, Trans.| Editor Ed.^Eds.| Edition ed.| Vol. Volume|)|. Place Published|: Publisher|.

  • Close and save the file, clicking OK if you get this message

Connect your style

  • In EndNote, click Edit > Preferences > Folder Locations 

  • Use the Select Folder button to change the Style Folder location to the location of your Personal EndNote styles folder, e.g., H:\Personal EndNote styles on AUT's network
  • Click OK
  • Open your EndNote library, choose Select Another Style from the toolbar
  • Check your modified style has been added to the list
  • Highlight then click Choose to make it your new style

Note: You should also change the style on the EndNote X8 tab in Word to this modified style.