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EndNote for PC

A comprehensive guide to the reference management software EndNote.

Options for online libraries

  • As with desktop libraries, references can be added to EndNote Online manually or directly from a database search
  • In addition, articles from Web of Science can be saved directly to EndNote Online
  • Another function unique to Endnote Online is Capture. This creates a reference for web-based sources that don't have a direct export option

Note: The Online Search option under the Collect tab provides a list library catalogues and some databases for searching. However, we suggest that you either use AUT Library Search or library databases/Google Scholar to search for resources.

Manual entry

Enter references manually

  • Click the Collect tab, then New Reference
  • Select the appropriate reference type
  • Enter data into the correct fields (those used by major style guides will appear first)
  • Save the reference
  • If the reference is not formatted correctly, check our APA guide, or the APA 6th & EndNote section of this guide 

Export & import references from databases

Like the EndNote desktop version, there are a number of ways to add references into your EndNote Online Library.

Direct export from library databases

  • Some library databases provide an option to export references to EndNote Online directly. The following example can be found in Library Search and EBSCO databases:


Direct export from Web of Science

  • Log in to Web of Science and carry out your search
  • Select articles you want to export, click Save to EndNote Online.

Note: EN preceding the article in the results list indicates it is already in your library


Importing references from other databases

  • Search a database and select articles you want to export to your EndNote Online.
  • Save the file, usually save as a RIS format. The Instructions on exporting citations from a specific database may guide you through this process. 
  • Go to your EndNote online library, click the Collect > Import References
  • Click Choose File and select the text file from your computer
  • Select the database used to create this text file from the drop down box Import Option
  • Select a group for keeping these references. If you don't have a group for these references, select Unfiled
  • Click Import

Example:  importing a file (an EndNote file .enw) from Google Scholar:



If you use both EndNote desktop and EndNote Online, EndNote Online is not your first option to import/manually enter references to your library. Using your desktop library to import or manually add references is suggested. You can then sync your desktop library with your EndNote Online library.  

Capture Reference

  • Online sources such as pages from a website are unlikely to have functionality enabling direct export to EndNote
  • In this situation EndNote Online's Capture Reference feature offers a faster alternative to manual entry for adding the source to your library
  • Capture Reference creates a reference from a scan of the bibliographic information on a web page which you can then save to your library

Note: References created this way often have missing information. Always check and edit references to ensure they reproduce correctly.