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EndNote for Mac

Add extra details

EndNote templates contain a lot of unused fields which can be used to add details relevant to a specific task or purpose. Examples of commonly used fields are shown below. 

  • Added details can be searched like social media tags
  • You can add as much or as little data as you like
  • Be consistent to ensure searches contain all relevant references


  • Use this field to highlight important concepts – single words or phrases – in the reference
  • The database the record came from may suggest possibilities, or you can create entirely new ones
  • Keywords and phrases can be entered on separate lines, or separated by a semi-colon or backslash


Use this for details such as

  • Filing number or location of a hard copy document
  • Thesis chapter or project the reference relates to, e.g., chapter 5, or Sydney conference paper
  • A reminder, e.g., Request by interloan
  • Your reason for importing the reference, e.g., Cited in Smithers, or Recommended by Bloggs
  • A direct quotation you intend to use (include the exact page number/s)

Research Notes

  • Very similar to notes, but it can be helpful to have different information in different fields
  • Consistency is key. Use the same field for the same type of information