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EndNote for Mac

Add a PDF to a record

You can store PDFs of research articles in EndNote rather than on your PC by attaching them to their associated record.

Adding a saved PDF

This works best if you start while you still have the database search results showing in your browser. 

  • Download the relevant PDFs and save to our desktop
  • Export the references from the database to your EndNote library if you have not already done so
  • Highlight the reference you want to attach the PDF to, select References > File Attachments > Attach File
  • Navigate to the desktop, highlight the corresponding PDF and click Open
  • The PDF is now attached to the EndNote record and a paperclip symbol precedes the reference listing
  • You can also drag and drop a PDF into the tab panel to create a record in your library 

Adding using Find Full Text

Find Full Text searches for full text PDF files of articles and attaches them to the record in your EndNote library. Because a DOI is needed this function will not work for books or book chapters. 

  • Open your library and highlight the records you want to find full text PDFs for (hold down the <Ctrl> key to highlight multiple records)
  • Select References > Find Full Text > Full Text or click this icon 

  • If a box listing several databases appears click Save
  • Depending on the number of references the search may take several minutes
  • Search progress will display in the Groups panel
  • Retrieved PDFs will be added automatically to the reference and a paper clip symbol precedes the reference listing
  • If no full text document is found a URL is sometimes added to the record instead

Note: Find Full Text works better on campus than remotely, but even then some full text articles may be missed.