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EndNote for Mac

How to remove a citation

Removing a citation is a two-step process to ensure all components – superscript, footnote and bibliography entry – are fully deleted. Simply deleting using Word is not recommended as hidden formatting characters may remain. These are likely to cause problems if they are not deleted completely.

Step 1: Delete citation

  • Click on the footnote you want to delete
  • It should turn grey (indicating that EndNote formatting characters are present)
  • On the EndNote X8 tab choose Edit & Manage Citation(s)
  • Highlight the appropriate citation, and from the Edit Reference drop-down select Remove Citation > OK
  • The reference should disappear from the footnote, and from the bibliography if this is the only time it has been cited

Step 2: Delete footnote

  • If the footnote only contained one reference you now need to remove the superscript from the text
  • Use normal Word editing to select and delete the superscript number
  • The empty footnote and the superscript number in the text should disappear

Note: Word will automatically adjust the footnote numbers to allow for the deletion.