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EndNote for Mac

Synchronise libraries

  • Use synchronisation to create a backup, or for convenience if you work from different computers
  • You can only have one online library, i.e., once an online library is created it assimilates new records into one sequence regardless of whether they come from a previous library or a completely new one

Initial sychronisation

  • Always start by creating a backup 
  • Open your local (desktop) library
  • Go to EndNote X8 > Preferences >Sync

  • Untick all Sync Automatically options (until you are more familiar with the process), click Enable Sync
  • With Sync Automatically unticked enter your online account details, click OK
  • Once the process has completed, check your local and online libraries are the same

Subsequent access

  • Go to Web of Science, click the EndNoteTM link and sign in. This route works well on or off campus but is recommended for the latter as it provides more linked data

  • Alternatively, sign in via 

  • After sychronisation press <F5> to ensure the display has refreshed before viewing the updated library

  • Any changes you make to your online library will be pulled down into your local library next time you sychronise

Work on different computers

If you work on a document using your office computer and home computer, you could use EndNote Online to sync references between these two computers. For example, you have worked on a document and used EndNote at home today. You will continue to work on this document tomorrow in your office.

  • When you complete the writing at home, sync your EndNote library with EndNote Online and also save a backup copy (compressed library).
  • When you go to your office the next day, create a new library in your office computer with the same library name you used on your home computer and sync it with your EndNote Online account. After syncing, your office EndNote library should have the sam references on your home EndNote library. However, the EndNote unique record number (#) can be different between these two libraries.
  • Open the document you worked at home last night, click Update Citations and Bibliography in the EndNote ribbon.  This will ensure the citation record numbers will match the record numbers in your office EndNote. Now you can continue to work on your document in your office.
  • If you add new references to your office EndNote library, remember to save a backup copy first, then sync with EndNote Online.
  • When you go back home continuing your writing, you should first sync with your home EndNote library with EndNote Online. Before you work on your document, click Update Citations and Bibliography first to ensure the citations linked with your home EndNote library.