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EndNote for Mac

Options for online libraries

  • As with desktop libraries, references can be added to EndNote Online manually or directly from a database search
  • In addition, articles from Web of Science can be saved directly to EndNote Online
  • Another function unique to Endnote Online is Capture. This creates a reference for web-based sources that don't have a direct export option

Manual entry

Enter references manually

  • Click the Collect tab, then New Reference
  • Select the appropriate reference type
  • Enter data into the correct fields (those used by major style guides will appear first)
  • Save the reference
  • If the reference is not formatted correctly, check our APA guide, or the APA 6th & EndNote section of this guide 

Export & import from databases

Importing from catalogue or database searches

  • Click the Collect tab, then Online Search
  • Choose the database and carry out your search
  • Select the references you want, then use the drop-down menu to add them to your library


Importing from a text file

  • From the results list, highlight the references you want to import, select the destination and save the file to your computer as shown

  • Open your EndNote online library, click the Collect tab, then Import References
  • Browse to the text file, select the Import Option (filter) that matches the database used to create the file
  • Select the group for imported references, click Import


Direct export to using Export Manager option

  • If the available Export Manager has the option shown below, use it to add references directly to your online library


Direct export from Web of Science

  • Log in to Web of Science and carry out your search
  • Select articles you want to export, click Save to EndNote Online.

Note: EN preceding the article in the results list indicates it is already in your library

Capture Reference

  • Online sources such as pages from a website are unlikely to have functionality enabling direct export to EndNote
  • In this situation EndNote Online's Capture Reference feature offers a faster alternative to manual entry for adding the source to your library
  • Capture Reference creates a reference from a scan of the bibliographic information on a web page which you can then save to your library

Note: References created this way often have missing information. Always check and be prepared to edit references added this way to ensure they reproduce correctly when used in Word documents.