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EndNote for Mac

Organise & share references

Create Groups

By default EndNote adds new references under Unfiled. Many of the options for organising your desktop library are available meaning you can use groups to organise your references in any way that works for you.

  • Select the references you want to group
  • Click Add to group from the drop-down menu, select New group.
  • Name the new group, click OK

Note: A reference can be added to multiple groups. To see which groups a given reference is part of click the Folder icon below the reference.

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Share references with other EndNote users

  • Go to Manage My Groups on the Organize tab
  • Click the Manage Sharing button next to the group you' want to share.
  • Enter the email addresses of the people you want to share with (they must have an EndNote account)
  • Choose whether to give them Read-only or Read & Write access, click Apply
  • Read-only access allows viewing, adding to Word documents and copying to an individual library; Read & Write access allows these functions and in addition the ability to add, change or remove references in the group

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