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EndNote for Mac

Modify a reference style

There may be occasions where it makes sense for you to modify an existing style such as APA to better suit your referencing needs. It is difficult to save a modified style in the EndNote styles folder, so you start by creating a personal styles folder.

Step 1. Create a personal styles folder

  • Go to your computer home directory (where you normally save documents on your computer)
  • Create a new folder called Personal EndNote Styles
  • Navigate to Applications > EndNote X8 > Styles
  • Find the style you want to modify, e.g. APA 6th, right click and select Copy
  • Paste the copied file into your Personal EndNote Styles folder
  • Rename the copied file, e.g. APA 6th modified

Step 2. Modify the reference style

  • Double click your style file, e.g. APA 6th modified, to open it in the EndNote Output Style Manager
  • Click Bibliography > Templates to modify the way that different formats are output in this style


  • Make your modifications; This example of adding a field for a translated title to the Book template is a useful guide:
    • Book template in the AUT 6th style

      Author. (Year). Title| (|Translator, Trans.| Editor Ed.^Eds.| Edition ed.| Vol. Volume|)|. Place Published|: Publisher|.

    • With the addition of "Translated Title" as an alternative title

      Author. (Year). Title[Translated Title]| (|Translator, Trans.| Editor Ed.^Eds.| Edition ed.| Vol. Volume|)|. Place Published|: Publisher|.

  • Close and save the file

Connect your style

  • In EndNote, select EndNote X8 > Preferences > Folder Locations 
  • Use the Select Folder button to change the Style Folder location to the location of your Personal EndNote Styles folder
  • Click Save
  • Open your EndNote library, choose Select Another Style from the style menu
  • Check your modified style has been added to the list
  • Highlight then click Choose to make it your new style

Note: You should also change the style on the EndNote X8 tab in Word to this modified style.