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EndNote for Mac

Workarounds: Film, TV & video/DVD

Resource Reference type Tips Example
Film/movie Film or Broadcast

Enter the names of the director in the Director field. Use double commas ,, after the surname, then enter (writer) or (Director) after the initial of first names. Example:

In the Medium field type the words: Film

Enter the studio name in the Distributor field

Lonergan, K. (Director). (2000). You can count on me [Film]. Paramount Pictures.

Television series Film or Broadcast

Enter the name of the executive producers in the Director field

In the Title field enter the series name

Enter the year range in the Year field

In the Medium field type: Television series

Griffin, J., Lang, R., & Bennett, S. (Executive Producers). (20052010). Outrageous fortune [Television series]. South Pacific Pictures.


Single episode in a television series Television episode

Enter the names of the primary contributors in the Director field (see Film/movie above for details)

In the Series Director field enter the name of the executive producer following the same format as the Author field

In the Title field enter the episode title

In the Series Title field enter the television series name

In the Medium field type: Television series episode

In the Distributor field enter the studio name

Egan, D. (Writer), & Alexander, J. (Director). (2005). Failure to communicate [Television series episode]. In D. Shore (Executive producer), House. Fox Broadcasting.

YouTube video Social media

In the Username field, enter the full name (if known) of the person or group who uploaded the video to YouTube. In the Handle field, enter the username

Enter the full date of the video in the Year field, include the month and day in the order of YEAR, MONTH DAY

Enter the title of the video into the Post Text field

In the Type of Work field, enter the word 'Video' 

In the Provider field, enter the word 'YouTube'

Enter the URL in the URL field.

Green, J., & Green, H. [vlogbrothers]. (2019, December 11). Living with a chronic illness [Video]. YouTube.