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Find Statistical Data

A guide to sources of statistical information from New Zealand and the world covering development, economics, employment, finance, population, sport, trade & industry and more.

New Zealand Government Data


NZ.Stat is a free web tool that allows you to:

  • Create tables from large datasets
  • Customise the table by selecting the variables you want and changing the table layout
  • Download your table in Excel (up to 100,000 cells) or CSV format (up to a million cells)

NZ.Stat User Guides are available online.

Infoshare Import/Export Tables

Overseas Merchandise Trade Data

Use this tool to create detailed overseas trade tables (HS by countries). Business students may find it an excellent tool for finding NZ import and export data.

Infoshare Online Tutorials

MarketLine Country Statistics Database

The Country Statistics database in MarketLine Advantage provides macro/socio-economic and demographic data for 215 countries worldwide; both historically and forecasted. Use this database for country comparision.  

Geographic statistical tools

StatsMaps allow you to explore and visualise statistics about New Zealand and its people in map form.

Business Toolbox

Statistics New Zealand has a targeted business portal:

Data for Business from Statistics New Zealand

Find your target market

Use Market Mapper to:

  • Locate your market by age, sex, income, household, or family type
  • Zoom in on regions, areas, and suburbs

Compare your business with competitors

Use Industry Profiler to:

  • Get stats on small businesses by industry and region
  • Compare numbers of new businesses, worker turnover, survival rates, and average earnings for staff.

Benchmark your business performance against competitors

Use the Industry Benchmarks on the Inland Revenue’s website to:

  • Compare your financial performance against similar firms in your industry and identify areas where you may differ
  • Find information to help you make decisions for improving your business performance.

Statistics for Universities

These data packages are available to AUT researchers under an agreement between Statistics NZ and the universities.

Data packages: 

  • Business Demography
  • Census of Population and Dwellings
  • Disability Statistics
  • Household Economic Survey
  • Household Labour Force Survey
  • International Travel and Migration
  • New Zealand Income Survey
  • Student debt, income and repayments data package
  • Time Use Survey 2009/10 – supplementary tables
  • Vital Statistics: Births and Deaths

Confidentialised Unit Record Files (CURFs)

CURFs are unit record data that are modified to protect the confidentiality of respondents while maintaining the integrity of the data. Researchers may contact Statistics New Zealand to request datasets from CURFs.

Customised data tables

Statistics New Zealand can create customised data tables for a fee. AUT staff and postgraduate students undertaking advanced research may qualify for use of AUT's pre-paid allocation for customised data. For more information please contact Amanda Cole (Ph: 09-9219999, ext 8675, email: