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Analysing Cases

Analysing a case, identifing the issues and making recommendations are the key components in a case write-up. A good case analysis usually requires additional resources.

You may need to:

  • Know more about the company or the industry which the company belongs to.
  • Apply concepts and tools on analysing the case.
  • Use theories and articles to support your judgements and recommendations.

You can use the subject guide "Company & Industry Research" for finding company and industry information.

Find articles in the following library databases:

For more efficient searches, look for the database tools that limit your search to case studies.

Online Guides

Finding Case Studies from Databases

Some library databases include case studies in their collections. Journal articles on case studies usually provide in-depth analysis and solutions to a company.  

Try the following business databases. Use the keywords "case study" or "case studies" as part of your search or limit to case studies or case study in "types of resources" usually on the left of screen.

Databases for analysis, reports and industry & country statistics

Books in the Library

You may find books on case methods using Library Search. Try searching using "case method" as a search term, or look at the selection below.