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EndNote for Mac

Add or delete a group

The Groups feature enables you to organise references by research topic, chapter or assignment etc

  • A group is a subset of references that already exist in the library
  • A single reference can belong to more than one group

Create a group

  • On the EndNote toolbar click Groups > Create Group
  • Type in a name and press <Enter>
  • The new group appears on the left under My Groups

Delete a group

  • In the Groups panel, right-click the group name and choose Delete Group, or highlight the group name and click Groups > Delete Group
  • Note: Deleting a group does not delete references from your All References folder. However, deleting a reference from All References will delete it permanently from there and from any group it has been added to

Add or delete references

Add references

  • Drag-and-drop selected references from All References to the group in the Groups panel
  • Alternatively, select the reference/s you want to add, right-click and choose Add References To or click Groups > Add References To
  • Select the group name or Create a Custom Group


Remove references

  • From the group display highlight the reference/s to be deleted
  • Select Groups > Remove References From Group 

Create a Smart Group

A Smart Group starts with a search strategy and is identified with a cog symbol:  

Any references already in your library that match the search parameters will automatically be added to the group, as will future additions if they match the search requirements.

Convert an existing search to a Smart Group

  • On the search panel, click Options > Convert to Smart Group

  • This will create a new group called Converted Search under My Groups
  • Rename it by double-clicking Converted Search, typing in your name and pressing <Enter>
  • The group will be renamed and automatically populated with references that match the search requirements

Create your search from the Groups options

  • Click Groups > Create Smart Group
  • Enter the group name and search parameters, e.g., a smart group on entrepreneurship, as shown in the diagram
  • The group will appear in the group panel, populated with the references that match the search parameters

Create a Group Set

If you have lots of groups you can organise them into Group Sets.

  • Click Groups > Create Group Set
  • Enter a name and press <Enter>
  • You can now create new groups starting from the new Group Set, or drag and drop existing groups so they appear under the new Group Set name