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Find and use information: Where to find sources

Library searching

Where to find specific types of information

There are many types of information, and information sources. What you will use depends on your purpose or need. Here are some examples of types of sources. To learn how to find specific types of information, look under "How to 'library'..." at

  • Newspaper articles 
  • Academic (peer-reviewed or scholarly) journal articles
  • Trade journals
  • Theses and dissertations
  • Standards
  • Statistics
  • Company reports
  • Images and visual media
  • Videos/documentaries
  • Opinion pieces
  • New Zealand content


Library research databases - what are they and why use them?

Search a database:

  • as your most reliable source of academic, peer reviewed or scholarly articles
  • after you have done your initial search in Library Search 
  • If you log on to Google Scholar through the AUT Library website, you will have access to subscription materials, as an AUT student

Using Library Search

Google tips and tricks

Sometimes an internet search engine such as Google is a useful resource. Here are some hints for searching Google more effectively.

What are databases and why you need them

Explaining databases by Yavapai College Library