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This is a brief guide to sources of information for Accounting available at the AUT Library

About this Guide

The sources in this guide have been selected as good starting points for academic research in Accounting. For further assistance, please contact your Liaison Librarian.

Getting Started with your Research

Getting started.

Try to break down your topic or research question into the overall main ideas or  keywords which you may use to search.  Make sure that you cover all the possibilities you need to take into account:

Synonyms, Plurals, Phrases, Abbreviations. Acronyms, Variations in spelling (e.g. organisation and organization between UK and US English)


Using these tips will help you find more relevant results in Library search and many other library databases. Check the database’s help section for more help with searching.

Search operator


Use AND to retrieve results that contain both of your search terms.

consumer AND behaviour

Use OR to retrieve results that contain any  or all your search terms.

Marketing OR sales

Using NOT to exclude irrelevant results.

psychology NOT psychiatry

Search for terms with different word endings using an asterisk

econom* will find "economy", "economics", economical", etc.

Combine terms with parentheses to create complex searches.

(Marketing OR sales) AND consumer psychology

Help with Using Keywords (AUT Library's YouTube guide).

Where to Search

Use  Library search to look for  books and e books from the Library collection.

Use Books and Media to look for book titles, videos and DVDs.

Use Library Search, Databases and Google Scholar  to look for  journal articles.

Click  topics on the  left for more help with searching.

Get items from other Libraries

If AUT Library does not  hold  or provide access to material you need  submit an Interlibrary Loan Request