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Computer Science: LaTeX

Welcome to your guide to Computer Science research resources.

About LaTeX

AUT thesis template

Apacite has been updated to reflect APA 7th (developed by Erik Meijer, and updated with the assistance of Alan Litchfield).

IEEE citing and referencing using the IEEE transactions format is available.

For information about this template contact Alan Litchfield. (Template designer).

LaTeX editors

LaTeX resources

Mathjax alternatives -  RawGit    cdnjs

Books on LaTeX


  • LaTeX - a featured book on Wikibooks
  • Kottwitz, S. (2011). LaTeX beginner's guide. Birmingham, UK: Packt.  eBook
  • Kopka, H., & Daly, P. W. (2004). Guide to LATEX. Boston: Addison-Wesley.  Call Num: 686.22544536 KOP - Check Library shelves.
  • Dongen, M. R. C. v., & Books24x7, I. (2012). LATEX and friends. Heidelberg: Springer Berlin Heidelberg.  eBook
  • Gratzer, G. (2014). Practical LaTeX. Heidelberg: Springer.  eBook
  • Gratzer, G. A. (2016). More math into LaTeX. Cham : Springer.  eBook