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Find images

A guide to finding and using images in your academic work, for AUT students.

Using images in your academic work

You may want to include images in your academic work, to illustrate your ideas and discussion. Types of images could include: charts, diagrams, photographs, illustrations, maps and icons. 

Considering copyright

You can reproduce any images in your internally assessed course work at AUT, as long as you also provide an appropriate reference. You do not need to seek copyright permission for this.

Sometimes your lecturers will require you to use only openly licensed or Creative Commons licensed images in your assessment work. See Finding images for a list of useful sources.

If you are a postgraduate student, and you want to reproduce images that you did not create yourself in your thesis, dissertation or exegesis (which will be deposited in Tuwhera), you need to either:

See Using works created by others for more information about copyright, for postgraduate students.