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Learn how to use the reference management software Zotero.

From Library Search

Open your Zotero desktop library before you adding references from Library Search to your Zotero library.

You can add references from Library Search to your library in the following two ways:

Add references one-by-one using Zotero Connector

This method only adds a reference at a time.  

  • Open a browser, in the following search example, Firefox is used
  • Go to the Library Search page, type keywords in the search box
  • On the result screen, click Zotero connector icon on the browser
  • A Saving to box will pop-up, select which collection you want to keep this reference from the dropdown box. The default location is My Library. Press Enter bar on your keyboard, this reference should now be downloaded to your library


  • Citation and PDF can both be saved to your library at once

Notes: check reference details, edit any fields required.


Export multiple references directly from Library Search 

Go to the Library website. Enter search keywords in the Library Search box.
  • On the search result page, click My account, login to your library account


  • Search results are grouped by types of resources, e.g. Books & media, or Articles & more
  • Click See all results for a collection, for example, Articles & more


  • Select resources you want to add to your Zotero library. Click Export
  • You can also save selected items to your account by selecting Save and export references from the save item page


  • A popup box will appear, select RIS format, click Export


  • Click  Download file in the next popup box


  • Double click the downloaded file at the bottom of the browser (Google Chrome browser used for this example) to download the references to your Zotero
  • Open each imported reference and make any changes necessary to produce an accurate citation


Library Search (old search platform)
  • Run a search on Library Search
  • On the search result page, select resources you want to add to your Zotero library by selecting the folder icon on the right. The folder icons  of selected items are now changed to yellow colour


  • Click Folder on the top toolbar, this is a temporary folder for this search session


  • On the next page, select all articles, click Export on the right


  • Ensure the direct export to Zotero is selected, click Save          
  • Click OK to confirm this export


  • These records are now in a temporary collection Delivery.

Note: subject keywords of each reference record in Library Search are also downloaded as Tags to the Zotero library (at the bottom of the left column).

From websites

Saving a webpage to your Zotero library is very easy.

  • Find a webpage that your want to add to your library
  • Click Zotero connector to save this web page to your library
  • Edit the details of this reference, such as title, author, etc. in the Info column

Find items by a DOI or ISBN

  • Open your Zotero library.
  • Click the icon and enter an ISBN or a DOI number to import an item to Zotero.


Manually enter references

  • Click on the green plus+ button, select a type of reference, e.g. Book


  • Enter details for a book, e.g. title, author, publisher, etc.
  • Click Tags to add some keywords or subject terms for describing this book.



  • You can click the  icon to attach a file or a link to a reference.

Add attachments

There are several ways to attach files to an item in your library:

Adding files from a browser

  • Zotero automatically saves PDF's (where available) and web page snapshots to your Zotero library.

Adding attachments

  • Right-click on an item, select Add attachment.

Drag and drop

  • You can drag a file saved on your computer to an item in the Zotero centre column to attach it to that item.
  • You can also drag a file to the Zotero centre column, this will add this file as a standalone file item in Zotero. You will then manually add details, e.g. title, author, etc. to create a citation for this item.