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Open Access: Open Access at AUT

Tuwhera - AUT's Open Access website

Tuwhera Open Access is AUT's home of open research supported by staff in the AUT Library and for AUT research communities.

You will find the following publications on Tuwhera:

  • AUT’s quality peer-reviewed journals, research summaries and monographs
  • Conferences hosted by AUT and conference proceedings
  • AUT staff research outputs
  • Doctoral and Master's students' theses and dissertations, and Master's research/practice projects .

Versions of your publication

Versions of your publications

  • Ideally, the publisher’s version (often prohibited by publishers)
  • Second choice is the post-print (frequently permitted by publishers)
  • If neither of above versions is permitted by the publisher’s archiving policy, we will use the pre-print
  • A relatively small number of publishers will not permit the deposit of any version in a repository
Publishers' archiving policies on the RoMEO Colours website may help you identify which version of your publication can be uploaded into Scholarly Commons.
Whichever version is used in Tuwhera Open Research Outputs, the item record will include a link to the final published version.

AT AUT, we strongly encourage you to save the pre-print and post-print versions of all of your research publications with appropriate filenames that facilitate identification of the required version.

For advice on managing the various versions of your research publications, consult the Versions Toolkit

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