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Managing your research data

Research data management plan

A data management plan (DMP) is a formal document that outlines how you will handle your data both during your research, and after the project is completed.  This ensures that data are well-managed in the present, and prepared for preservation in the future.  A DMP is often required in grant proposals.

A research data management plan is a living document and should be reviewed and updated regularly.

Video: The what, why and how of data management planning / Research Data Netherlands

WSG format for a data management plan mentioned in the video.

DMP template, examples and guides

Your DMP should include the a brief description about your project and how data will be managed: 

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Ethics and policies/guidelines compliance 
  • Types of data, data format and documentation
  • Data storage, file backup and security
  • Access, sharing and archiving 

Follow the AUT guide for drafting a data management plan to write a data management plan.

You may use this template to draft your plan:

Note: Often the time involved in documenting, writing metadata, and archiving are underestimated.  Make a note of the time taken and any costs associated with using data management services or purchasing equipment (such as fileservers, backup media, software, etc.).

Online guides and example plans

Comply with ethical guidelines and policies

Your DMPs should meet AUT guidelines, and legal/funder requirements. 

Tools, checklists and guidance