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Find Theses and Dissertations: Thesis/dissertation writing

Find theses and dissertations completed by AUT students, students from NZ universities and universities worldwide.

How should it look?

Research blogs and websites

Thesislink - AUT's blog for postgraduate research students and staff, provides you with information, stories/experiences, commentaries and suggestions to inform your research.

Research Whisperer -  a blog dedicated to the topic of doing research in academia: finding funding, research culture, and building academic track-records.

Thesis Whisperer - a  blog newspaper dedicated to the topic of doing a thesis and is edited by Dr Inger Mewburn, Director of research training at the Australian National University.

Early career researchers - an Elsevier blog.

Help with writing

Sage Research Methods database provides tools and literature on planning research projects, collecting/analysing data sets, and writing your research. Books, journal articles, data sets, case studies and videos in this database are especially helpful for research students.

We have many books to help postgraduate students who are writing a thesis or dissertation. You may like to run a search on the Library online catalogue for the most recently added items. 

Academic phrasebank (University of Manchester)

Are you going to use LaTeX for technical and scientific documents? Find more details in our LaTeX guide.

Overleaf provides a number of templates online. They can be useful for your assignments or thesis writing.

Research students are required to upload a copy of your thesis, dissertation and exegesis in Turnitin prior to submission for final examination. Turnitin is an originality checking tool for preventing improper citation and potential plagiarism. Turnitin for research students can be accessed by login to Blackboard, find PG_Me and then Turnitin.    

Copyright matters

Third party copyright: any copyright material created by someone other than yourself.

Reproducing tables, figures and images in your thesis, dissertation or exegesis

Remember that your thesis/dissertation/exegesis will be published online on Tuwhera Open Theses & Dissertation. If you are reproducing any copyright material from books, journals, Library databases or websites in your thesis/dissertation/exegesis, you should obtain permission from the copyright owners and cite these resources in your thesis.

This applies especially to the reproduction of the following resources: artistic works, drawings, photographs, diagrams, tables, charts, maps and other images. 

If you compile information from multiple sources into a single figure, you will need to include multiple permission statements, one for each source.

If the copyright status of a table or a figure is not clear, contact the author or the publisher for more information. 

If the copyright holder is not the original author, you should give credit to both the original author and the copyright holder.

When permission has been granted, you should include “Reprinted with permission" in the note or caption under the table or figure. 

Referencing guides