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Learn how to use the reference management software Zotero.

ZoteroBib - a new tool to create an instant bibliography

ZoteroBib is a new product announced by Zotero in May 2018. ZoteroBib allows you to create an instant bibliography from your browsers. You can use ZoteroBib on any devices.

  • Your bibliography is stored in the local storage of your browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Safari), no account or software required
  • The bibliography will be available in your browser until you delete it

Add references

  • Go to ZoteroBib
  • Enter a URL, ISBN, DOI, Title, anXiv ID, PMID in the search box and click Cite
  • The citation will appear below the search box. You can edit or delete it at this stage


  • Manual Entry is also available
  • Items added should also show under the section Bibliography


Bibliography and citation styles

  • Select citation styles from the dropdown menu, e.g. select APA 6th edition from the list
  • If something is missing from a reference, e.g. author's name, click the reference to open an editing box. Make changes to the record and click Done



Working with Word

You can create an in-text citation or a footnote (this depends on the citation style required in your writing) in Word.

  • Click the Copy Citation icon on the right of a citation


  • Add page numbers if you use a direct quote, or omit author, click Copy Citation
  • Paste this in-text citation onto your word document




  • Select an export option to export references



Link to this version

Link is used for loading your bibliography onto another computer or if you want to share a bibliography with other researchers.

  • Click Create to create an URL for this bibliography


  • This bibliography is uploaded to
  • If you use this bibliography in a working document, add this URL to your document to ensure you can retrieve this bibliography from another computer