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Company and Industry Research: Home


Please explore the tabs above to find content on researching companies and industries. For more detailed approaches see the Company research scenario and the Industry research scenario tabs. Note the drop down menus.

Steps in Company Research

See 'Company Research' tab above.

1. Analyse assignment requirements

2. Select a Company

3. Find company information:

4. Locate industry information

5. Collect country information if required

6. Write your assignment

Company / Industry Analysis

Use the following types of articles to help you analyse your research topics:

  • Articles provide additional information on companies, industries, trends and opportunities. 
  • Articles introduce theories or methods which may be used to analyse your topics and support your arguments
  • Articles contain case studies which may be used for comparison study. 

Try to find articles in the article databases on the right.

Steps in Industry Research

      See 'Industry Research' tab above.

      1. Analyse assignment requirements

2. Choose an industry

3. Locate Industry information:

4. Collect country information

5. Write your assignment