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Welcome to your guide to finding information for engineering.

Referencing guides

Use APA Referencing unless you have been instructed to use another style.

Note: When referencing standards using EndNote use the Report reference type and add the standard number to the Report number field.

Getting started with referencing - video


The IEEE citation style for electrical, electronic and computing publications. 


Harvard Referencing at AUT

Harvard Referencing Style - University of Auckland guide
Harvard guide - Monash University


Alternatively use LaTeX with a BibTeX file for references.  See the LaTeX guide.


RMIT's Easy Cite referencing tool provides a quick format guide for IEEE, APA 6th ed., RMIT Harvard, Vancouver and Chicago referencing styles.

Referencing software

* You need to be familiar with the referencing style you are required to use before you use referencing software.

* References from databases do not always export correctly.  Check the format against the Referencing Guide and modify your document in plain text.


TeX resources on the web  -  Text formatting with Latex : a tutorial  -  About LaTeX (Wikipedia)

LaTeX search from Springer, lets you search through over 8,223,138 LaTeX code snippets to find the equation you need.

Books available in the Library:

  • Kottwitz, S. (2011). LaTeX beginner's guide. Birmingham, UK: Packt.  eBook
  • Kopka, H., & Daly, P. W. (2004). Guide to LATEX. Boston: Addison-Wesley.  Call Num: 686.22544536 KOP - Check Library shelves.
  • Dongen, M. R. C. v., & Books24x7, I. (2012). LATEX and friends. Heidelberg: Springer Berlin Heidelberg.  eBook
  • Gratzer, G. (2014). Practical LaTeX. Heidelberg: Springer.  eBook

Other tools

Authorea is the collaborative editor for research.  Write and manage your documents in one place, for free.