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Find Statistical Data

A guide to sources of statistical information from New Zealand and the world on a range of subjects.

What are statistics?

Statistics are created from collected data that is a result of research, a study, an experiment, or a survey. 
Data is the primary source.  It is usually in the form of a digital set that can be analysed using software. Datasets are groupings of data. 
Statistics provide an interpretation and summary of the data and are the result of data analysis. 

Where can I find statistics?

Key Statistics Sources

Consider who might collect the statistics your require and then where these statistics might be published!

The following are some key sources of statistical information:.

  • Government agencies and departments - official statistics and other statistical data are freely available on their websites.
    • for example: Stats NZ, Ministry of Health
  • Local, Regional and Global organisations - provide statistical information and may have open statistical data sets.
    • for example: Figure.NZ; Pacific Community (Statistics for Development Division); United Nations (Statistics Division)
  • Professional organisations can also have useful survey data and reports on their websites
    • for example: Business New Zealand, Sport NZ
  • Journal Articles - research reporting statistical information can be found in articles and books via
    • Library Search, Library databases, AUT Google Scholar
  • Databases - see the box at the end of this page for a selection of statistical databases.

Official statistics

Country Statistics

Governments gather official statistics relating to their countries via a central agency, for example:

To find more country agencies go to the list provided by the United Nations Statistics Division:

Data portals

Some countries also provide portals to help people discover open datasets released by government organisations, for example:

Regional statistics

There are regional statistical agencies who work with national agencies to provide official statistics.  Key regional agencies are: