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Computer Science

Welcome to your guide to Computer Science research resources.

Can I make copies of New Zealand standards?

No.  However, students and teachers may copy a limited amount in “strictly controlled circumstances”.

Section 44 of the Copyright Act 1994 allows some copying for educational purposes.

You may be able to include sections in your assignment but it is preferable to just reference the standard properly so your reader can locate it for themselves.

More information on the Standards New Zealand website

Standards and your thesis

If there is a document or a specific part of a document you wish to copy in your thesis/dissertation/research project you will need to seek permission from the standard provider.  This is necessary if your work is to be publicly available.  There may be a fee.  It is preferable to reference the standard so your reader can find it for themselves.

If you decide to go ahead with including a New Zealand standard  Standards New Zealand will provide a short licence document that clearly states what you can do under the licence, and provide you with some wording to use to acknowledge Standards New Zealand’s copyright and your licence to use it.

Check with Standards New Zealand