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Learn how to use the reference management programme Mendeley.

Mendeley / EndNote / Zotero

You can transfer reference data between Mendeley and EndNote, or between Mendeley and Zotero.

  • References in XML, RIS and BibTex formats can be exported from other reference software to Mendeley.
  • In order to transfer references between these reference management tools, you should have these programmes in one computer hard drive.
  • Online accounts of these three tools can't be used for transferring data.

Transfer data between Mendeley and EndNote

Export references from EndNote

1. Open your EndNote library. Click All References (the whole library), or a group, or select some references

2. Click File > Export

3. In the next screen, type a file name and select XML from the "Save as type" menu, and Save this file onto your computer Desktop



Add EndNote files to your Mendeley

1. Open your Mendeley desktop

2. Select File > Add Files

3. Select the EndNote XML file from your computer desktop, click Open

4. References from EndNote will appear in your Mendeley library

1. Open your Mendeley desktop, on the left column, click All documents (this will export the whole library), or a folder (export the folder only), or select some references from your library (export these references only)

2. Click File, then Export

3. On the pop-up box, type in a file name in the File name field and select RIS from the "Save as type" options, then save this file on your computer desktop.


4. Open your EndNote library, click File, then Import.

5. In the next pop-up box, choose the file you saved on your computer desktop, select RIS from the "Import Option" menu, then click Import.


Transfer data between Mendeley and Zotero

1. Open your Mendeley Desktop, go to Tools, then Options (Mac: Preferences).

2. In the next screen, click Zotero, select the checkbox "Zotero integration", then click OK.


3. The reference data in your Zotero will then be imported into Mendeley automatically.

4. A Zotero Library folder will appear in your Mendeley library. You may rename or re-organise the references in the folder.

Export references from Mendeley

1. Open Mendeley, select some or all references from your Mendeley library

2. Click File > Export

3. Enter a file name,e.g. Mendeley to Zotero, select RIS from ths "Save as type" menu, click Save to save this file on your computer desktop



Import references to Zotero

1. Open your Zotero, click File > Import

2. Find the file "Mendeley to Zotero" from your computer desktop, click Open

3. Zotero will create a collection "Mendeley to Zotero"


4. You may rename this collection or move these references to other collections