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ORCiD and Researcher Profiles

Is your research visible?

Like most researchers, you probably want your research to be read and cited by other researchers. There are many ways to make your research outputs highly visible on the Internet. Here are some examples:


Why use researcher IDs and profiles?

Problems that can occur in identifying your profile:

  • Two or more researchers having the same name
  • Variations or changes in the researcher’s name
  • Cultural differences in name order
  • Typographical and phonetic errors
  • Translation and transliteration

Problems with visibility of your publications:

  • Subscription journals and other locations not freely accessible
  • Research impact not visible when applying for promotion, funding and PBRF
  • Collaborators cannot find you

Research IDs and profiles can help you solve the above problems.

  • A unique researcher ID will distinguish you and your publications from other researchers, reduce misattribution and improve bibliometrics.
  • An online research profiles will make your work more discoverable and may also lead to local and international collaborations.

A comparison table for the most popular researcher identifiers and profiles

ID number
Link to ORCiD
Add publication automatically
Usage stats
Share full-text
Collaboration tools



Scopus Author ID




Google Scholar
My profile