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Researcher IDs and Profiles

Your identity and work

Problems that can occur in identifying your profile:

  • Two or more researchers having the same name
  • Variations or changes in the researcher’s name
  • Cultural differences in name order
  • Typographical and phonetic errors
  • Translation and transliteration


Problems with visibility of your publications:

  • Subscription journals and other locations not freely accessible
  • Impact statistics not available when applying for promotion and funding
  • Time consuming to collect publications from different sources for PBRF
  • Collaborators cannot find you

Be seen, be cited...

How can you ensure that your research output is highly visible?

  • Open Access - Make your articles available through open access platforms 

  • Researcher IDs - use a unique ID to distinguish you and your publications from other researchers, reducing misattribution and improving bibliometrics

  • Research profiles - Up-to-date research profiles will make your work more discoverable

  • Share research data - data sharing is another good way to increase visibility of your research

  • Social media - use Twitter, Facebook, blogs to promote your research