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Get Published

A guide to publishing research. This guide is designed to assist emerging researchers and update experienced researchers.

Publishing journal articles from your thesis

Worried your open access thesis will compromise your article publishing? 

Some students may have experienced that their articles were questioned as self-plagiarism by the journals they submitted their articles based on their postgraduate theses. Consider the following before you submit your articles:

  • Check publisher's policy - this document listed some key publishers' statements regarding pre-publication and open access theses.
  • Whether you are writing a book or an article from your thesis, make sure you have rewritten your research substantially.
  • Negotiate an agreement with your publisher to ensure that your are able to use your research in your thesis for your article or book.
  • Make sure that you have gained permissions for using any 3rd party copyright materials in your publications.

Find peer reviewers

When you submit your article to a journal you may be asked to suggest peer reviewers.  Some tips:

  • Look for respected researchers working in your field
  • Consider authors you have cited
  • Use search tools and databases to find researchers working on similar topics
  • Use a locator tool – Taylor and Francis, JANE, ScholarOne
  • Check the editorial board of the journal
  • Check for previous authors and guest editors
  • Ask review who decline for recommend others

For more:

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Publishing preprints

A preprint is a research paper shared online by its author before peer-review. 

  • Universities world-wide have been making the preprint or postprint version of research outputs available in their institutional repositories for many years. 
  • In recent years, publishing preprints in preprint servers has become very popular. Many researchers have shared their preprints either before submitting to a journal or at the same time when articles are submitted to journals.
  • Since 2020, many health science journals have required authors depositing COVID-19 related articles in a preprint repository while waiting for submission or peer-review process.
  • Open peer-review or feedback may be available in some preprint servers.

As preprints have not been peer-reviewed, researchers should be careful on using or citing the findings of preprints. The findings of health science researches in preprints should not be used for clinical or public health decision making.

Key preprint servers