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Get Published

Publish your research. This guide is designed to assist emerging researchers and provide an update for experienced researchers.

Present your research

Conference papers are often published online. By presenting your research at a conference, you may be published sooner and gain recognition for your work faster than if it was first published in a journal.

Avoid unsuitable conferences. Some key factors to consider:

  • Is the conference peer reviewed?
  • Who are the organisers? - e.g., a professional /academic organisation or research society 
  • Is it attended by known authors
  • Will papers be published? Where are the papers published?
  • Is the conference indexed? – e.g., by Scopus

The Think, Check, Attend website

  • Guidance on choosing a legitimate conference to attend
  • Use the Conference Checker to evaluate a conference

Find conferences

Search a database, select document type and limit to proceedings or conference paper. Sort by cited by (highest) or select source title, to see where the most papers on your topic have been presented. Scopus is good for this.