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APA Referencing Style Guide


It is essential to acknowledge the ownership of resources used in your academic writing.  At AUT we use the APA reference style (6th edition) to format references.  With anything that you have read, used and referred to in your academic writing, you must:

  • acknowledge in text (i.e. in the work / assignment/ essay you are writing)
  • include in your reference list (i.e. the list at the end of your work of all the sources you refer to)

This online guide provides some insight into APA style rules and examples based on the Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (6th edition).

Academic integrity & plagiarism

Academic integrity

Academic integrity involves the acknowledgement of your own and other peoples’ written work, images, audio files, or their ideas. This includes your own previously submitted assessments that you have been given credit for. You also need to acknowledge any content you found on the internet, as well as anything you have said, viewed, or heard publicly. The only content which you do not need acknowledge is common knowledge.

As a student at AUT, you can maintain academic integrity in several ways:

  • Allow yourself enough time to read and digest your material
  • Improve your reading and note-taking skills
  • Learn critical thinking skills
  • Inspire yourself to use your own voice
  • Make sure you know how to collect all the bibliographic details
  • Learn about the appropriate referencing system
  • After taking some time to learn about referencing, use software (EndNote, Zotero, etc) to help create and manage your references

For advice about academic integrity, visit the Learning Advisors@AUT website.

Find out what AUT students and staff, as well as industry professionals, say about academic integrity:



When you use someone else's ideas or words in your writing without acknowledging (referencing) where they came from, this behaviour could be classified as plagiarising or academic dishonesty.

Work can be plagiarised from many sources: books, articles, websites, course notes, other students’ assignments, even your own earlier assignments.

Plagiarism can occur by mistake if you are not careful.  Always write down the title and author of a work when you take notes from it. Learn more about plagiarism and how to avoid plagiarism on our “Academic & Research Integrity”guide.